a small talk with Calvin from Malaysia

Blzkw:Hey Calvin, can you tell something about you?

Calvin:Hello I’m Calvin, playing guitar for Dance On Your Grave (DOYG), well 1/4 of DOYG.

Blzkw:But DOYG is not your only musical activity….

Calvin:Well I do play in Sawtorture, a powerviolence band called BADxPIT. Now currently working on a new project band with my friend from Brisbane called GHVL

Blzkw:You released „Carry Your Own Crosses“ with Sawtorture, this is a fat recording! What can you tell about Sawtorture?

Calvin:Well Sawtorture is a melodic hardcore band, if that what people called it nowadays. Bunch of old men wanted to play heavy loud music. Haha. It was an awesome yet interesting musical project. And it was self recorded by our own guitarist Karlos. Very talented uncle.

Blzkw:And what`s the history of DANCE ON YOUR GRAVE?

Calvin:Dance On Your Grave started back in 2009. Released a demo back in 2010, released an EP in 2012 and finally a full length in 2020. I know it’s slow but better late than never.

Dance On Your Grave is a hardcore punk / powerviolence-ish band. Jane is on the vocals, I’m on guitars, Lawrence is on bass and Andrew is on drums.

Blzkw:When we met at Sick1Fast!Loud! in Kuching, it seemed to be in a familiar atmosphere.How would you describe the hardcore-scene in Malaysia?

Calvin:To me hardcore music scene in Malaysia in general is a colourful scene. Kids from different places, races and gender came along together just fine. From the place that I grew on like Kuching, the scene is awesome. Everyone are friends and families. Everybody get along just fine. Though it’s not that big as Kuala Lumpur or other Peninsula cities, we are doing great. Healthy hardcore music scene.

Blzkw:Has punk/hardcore to fight with political oppression or other problems like racism?

Calvin:Yeah we do use punk/hardcore to fight political oppression here. Well most of our ethics here using our art as weapon to counteract the political agenda, or the stigma problems like racism and fascism

Blzkw:How did you handle the corona times? hardcore survives the lockdown or do you have any victims cause of it?

Calvin:Corona (CoVid-19) sucks. This year has wasted away. No close relatives or friends were affected by it which is good but there will be no more shows as for this year. So far we’re be writing some new songs which is awesome. It’s like Mogwai, “Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will.”

Blzkw:In Europe we have the situation that clubs,venues can loose their existence because they are closed.Calvin, as last words let us know your favourite names of malaysian/asian artists,institutions,labels or whatever you prefer.…

Calvin:Wow this is a though choice. Okay let see. My personal favourite Malaysian artist will be Sheila Majid, awesome jazz singer / artist. My favourite Malaysian band will be PIRI REIS. Awesome band, beautiful peoples. Give them a listen. It will worth your time.

Blzkw:ok, so thanx for your words and have a good time!!

Calvin:You too! Cheers! See you soon!

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