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We had a small talk with Miguel from Lima and asked about Noise- and Grindcore up in Peru. He`s an oldschool do-it-yourself activist, so let him tell…..

Blzkw: Hi Miguel. A good beginning may be this sentence found at discogs: „One of the first bands, not to mention that it was the first to explode brains in Peru“.You started ATROFIA CEREBRAL early in 1989. How would you describe this times in Peru?

Miguel: Very convulsed and violent decade the eighties and part of nineties here in Peru. a lot of poorness ATROFIA CEREBRAL derived from LEVIATAN and YOG SOTHOTH which were from 1987 and 1988 respectively also noisecore bands. The violent years of eighties inspired a lot my bands and the same in nineties till today. In eighties me and members of LEVIATAN / YOG SOTHOTH / ATROFIA CEREBRAL listen to hardcore, metal, grindcore, extreme core and noisecore, but most we like to do is noisecore / louder and play the most fast we can


Blzkw: Before A.C. you released a cassette with LEVIATAN in 1987 and played in YOG SOTHOT. Please tell us about this times and how came noisecore to Peru in the 80s?

Miguel: LEVIATAN start and die in 1987 in lima – peru as a trio of noisecore with occult / hate lyrics only recorded a demo and some tracks appart included in the reissue cd called ‘Aberracion sonora demo / reh 1987’ (Bulla extrema records + Impulso ruin records) The original format was a simply tape as a demo in 1987 limited edition with Jose moron – vocals, renzo bolaños – guitar and miguel tipacti – drums (and vocals in 2 tracks) in 1988 born YOG SOTHOTH another louder band with the same line up of LEVIATAN, and recorded a demo-reh and a rehearsal the same year 1988, also reissue in my label ‘Bulla extrema records’ + ‘Impulso ruin records’ in cd format called ‘demo & rehearsal 1988’. YOG SOTHOTH also have occult + hate lyrics. LEVIATAN marks the beginning of noisecore in peru in 1987 with YOG SOTHOTH, since 1988 appear some grindcore-death-thrash bands like OBSTRUCCIÓN INTESTINAL, and since 1990 appear a lot noisecore / grindcore / industrial most in Lima like ESTALLIDO, AUDICION IRRITABLE, GLAUCOMA, ESPERPENTO, MIERDA HUMANA, INSENSIBILIDAD ENERGICA, OPCIÓN, GRITO DISCONFORME, DISTORSIÓN DESEQUILIBRADA, PHLEGM, MATERIA ORGANICA, SPASM, G.B.H. (GRANDES BASURAS HUMANAS), POLITICA HUMANA ERRANTE, FASE SUICIDA, NEUROPARALYA, PULVERIZED NECRO BRAINS, SORDECER (PERU / CHILE), T.S.M., M.D.A., FETAL MONSTROSITY, ESTADOS DEPRESIVOS, MENTAL ALTERATION, some in provinces like ESPERMA (Piura),DEMONIO TALLAN (Piura) or PARAPLEGIA (Tacna). The first grindcore / noisecore / extreme core bands arrives to peru in tape or vinyl format in eighties are SEVEN MINUTES OF NAUSEA, BRIGADA DO ODIO, EXTREME NOISE TERROR, NAPALM DEATH, LÄRM, HERESY, ASOCIAL, BEDRÖVLERZ, SNOBBSLAKT, TOTAL MOSH PROJECT, people obtain by mail trades / orders outside Peru in eighties and nineties, also i write with many people elsewhere in eighties and much part of nineties, also make trades with people in Lima – Peru in eighties.

Blzkw: Do you remember the times before? Had Peru a punk-wave in the classical 77/England-style?

Miguel: In eighties existed some punk rock / hardcore bands in Peru, most in Lima not in seventies, it started about 1983 / 84 as called ‘subterranean rock’ taking influence of uk, usa, europe bands.

Blzkw: I come back to the end of the 80s/beginning 90s. How was scene working?You had concerts? Had special venues?

Miguel: About Peru i always called ‘movement’ not ‘scene’ because most are bands appear / disappear and move by your side. In eighties existed many hardcore / punk / metal bands here and also post punk / dark, same in nineties. I only play some times, my first live performance was in 2009 with M.D.A. (MANIFIESTO DE ASQUEROSIDAD) a old noisecore band (from 1991) played 3 times and with ATROFIA CEREBRAL between 2015 – 2019 about 4 times. With my bands usually not rehearsal, only remember 3 rehearsals between 1987 – 2020. And we recorded in different studios and rehearsal rooms here in lima.

BLZKW: So there are no venues? And were/are there any meeting points for the movement?

Miguel: There were several venues in the 80’s such as ‚MAGIA‘, ‚NO HELDEN‘, ‚COLEGIO LOS REYES ROJOS‘, ‚LA JATO HARDCORE‘ where there were concerts of hardcore / punk / post punk bands and some of metal core events and ‘BAR CAILLOMA’ have a lot of metal concerts and some of subterranean bands. In last years there have been several in downtown Lima like ‘BAR ZELA’, ‘LA OFICINA’, ‘BAR LIMA’, ‘MACHU PICCHU BAR’ and in the Barranco district ‚BAR HENSLEY‘ who are among the few that remain where they do (made – suspended due to the pandemic) concerts. I rarely go to concerts / venues.

BLZKW: The pandemic is a very international problem.How is the situation in Peru and how does Grind/Noise handle it?

Miguel: Very apocaliptic here in the peruvian dump, more chaos in streets and all you can make / go, in every corner people request money, sale even his soul, all the prices of products enhance…about grind / noise i don’t recorded since january new stuff, all new releases are from old material, but continue listen to grind / noise and watching terror / gore movies.

BLZKW: That`s not good. So come back from the virus to subculture: You run BULLA EXTREMA,too.Can you tell us what it is and history?

Miguel: My fanzine BULLA EXTREMA (grind/noise/industrial) exists since october 1989, and are 10 numbers out, numbers 1 to 7 are hand made, numbers 8 to 10 by computer. I make also some other fanzines like ENSANGRENTADO (since 2001) terror / gore / suspense cinema (5 numbers out) , ENTORNO DEFECADO (photozine) dead art / waste / garbage / desolation 1997 / 2002, 2 numbers out and RECICLAJE INDUSTRIAL – photozine – (2002) industrial waste (1 number), also i collaborate in a binational goregrind / noise zine (peru / mexico) called INMUNDICIA FECAL (2 numbers) 2014 / 2017.

BLZKW: Wow,that`s really active! It seems that noise/grind is popular in Southamerica.I could listen to more bands from Bolivia,Colombia,…

Miguel: Here I obtain material from bands from Colombia and Bolivia in the 90’s of grindcore / noisecore / extreme core, by exchange of tapes, some of them I interviewed in my fanzine BULLA EXTREMA during the 90’s of Colombia CONFUSION & AVERNO, from Bolivia, ESCATOFAGIA, PIEMESIS, HEZ, also i listen and obtain material from HERPES, NADA, many chilean and brasil grind-noise like BRIGADA DO ODIO (SPLIT LP) in 80’s, SRMP, PARESTHESIC NEURODEFORMITIES, ATACK EPILEPTICO, OLHO SECO, from chile: CTM, MENSTRUACION, DTH, SORDECER, PULENTOR, VOMIT ANARCHY, ENDLESS NOISE and many more

BLZKW: Miguel, do you have any ideas for future? Releasing stuff?

Miguel: Several editions to come out of my bands, with ATROFIA CEREBRAL the new album, and some splits in different formats, with INSENSIBILIDAD ENERGICA, a new album to be released in Costa Rican label, and split cdr with AGNAS NA PATAY (on Italian label) with MIERDA HUMANA , split cdr with MAL ALIENTO from Spain and a new album on cassette, with CADAVER LITIO split tape with Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (released in Spain) reissues of my old label from the 90’s CINTAS EXTREMAS to be released in the United States, the 6 demos of ATROFIA CEREBRAL in double cd and new numbers of my fanzine ENSANGRENTADO (horror / gore / suspense cinema)

[have a break for the following cassette from 1992]


BLZKW: When I checkout your bunch of releases with ATROFIA CEREBRAL and AUDICION IRRITABLE I wonder that there`s no split with AGATHOCLES! 😉

Miguel: With my noisecore band INSENSIBILIDAD ENERGICA, a 3 way split will be released with AGATHOCLES and it will be edited in Europe in 2021, later if posible can do a split with ATROFIA CEREBRAL

BLZKW: ok that calms me,haha. Coming to the end I wanted to ask you about political situation in Peru. Last weeks we read about protests in the country and new elections.What happens in your opinion?

Miguel: In the last days there were 2 dismissals of the president in Peru, protests and more chaos than is always present, especially in Lima, the capital of the Peruvian dump, simply change from useless after a while they detect his robberies and dismiss him and put another of the match of interest, misery and unemployment continue, robberies, abusive rates in transportation and other businesses continue to charge what they want without having the supervision of the state. Peru continues to be the crap that it always was and will continue to be until it is extinguished. NOISECORE AND GORE ARE THE SALVATION.



BLZKW: Thanx for your time! You have the last words….

Miguel: THANKS FOR THE INTERVIEW, MORE RELEASES OF MY BANDS OUT IN THE NEXT MONTHS. LISTEN TO NOISECORE AND DON’T FORGET WATCH GORE MOVIES. PERSONAL PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/miguel.tipacti.9/ E-mail: migueltipacti@gmail.com BULLA EXTREMA RECORDS / ZINE / DISTRO – https://www.facebook.com/Bulla-Extrema-Records-Fanzine-Distribution-265768903784921


COVIDTERROR / DxTxAxPx 7″ out now.

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melodischer Frauengesang und ich, das rieb sich bisher irgendwie…Jetzt läuft hier HEKSA und gefällt.Zum Antesten: https://heksapunk.bandcamp.com/album/cenizas Ein paar Exemplare der LP sind auf Lager.


Plauschen mit Phil von 1323

BLZ: Moin Phillip, vielleicht willst du dich erstmal kurz vorstellen

Phil: Oha, vorstellen…damit bringst du mich schon ausm Konzept 😉 ich machs mal kurz: Moin, ich bin Phil von der Band 1323 aus Hamburg.

BLZ: Kurz und knapp! Dann erzähl doch mal wer und was 1323 sind..

Phil: 1323 ist eine politische Punk Band aus Hamburg und besteht aus Steffen am Bass, der dazu den Background Gesang macht.Andi mit dem Hauptgesang hinterm Schlagzeug und Phil an der Gitarre, der auch einen Teil des Hauptgesangs übernimmt.In den Anfängen waren wir noch zu viert mit Büchse am Schlagzeug und Marco am Gesang, die uns aber aus privaten Gründen verlassen haben. Mit Marco zusammen haben wir noch die „Geld ist Euer Gott“ EP aufgenommen und seit Frühjahr 2018 sind wir zu dritt.

BLZ: Ich gehe jetzt mal von aus, dass der Bandname der Code für „Missglückte Welt“ ist…

Phil: Nein, der Name ist eine Schnapsidee… entstanden weil Marco und ich eine Band gründen wollten und wir einfach auf keinen Namen kamen.Eine wirkliche Bedeutung steht also nicht da hinter.

BLZ: Hm,schon wieder was gelernt) Es hätte mich halt nicht wirklich verwundert, da ihr textlich ja schon sehr politisch positioniert seid und Flucht,Repression und Nazimist ja in dieser Zeit wieder sehr aktuell sind. Wie fühlt sich für dich dieser momentan durchlebte Schritt nach Rechts an?

Phil: Das blanke Kotzen, aber es war nie wirklich anders. Ob Republikaner, NPD, AfD, dem VS, oder den Bullen. Durch die vernetzte Gesellschaft sind die Mittel nur effektiver geworden und die AfD weiß wie sie diese einsetzt, wo durch der Antisemitismus wieder salonfähig wird, die vermeintliche Mitte der Gesellschaft in Form von Pegida ihr Gesicht zeigt und rechte Terroranschläge immer mehr Menschenleben fordern.Wer sich dagegen stellt, wird schnell selbst zur Zielscheibe, sei es vom VS, den Bullen oder von den Nazis selbst….da bleibt noch die Frage: Wohin wird das alles noch führen?

BLZ: Das ist eine berechtigte Frage.ich habe manchmal das Gefühl mich an düsterste Deutschpunk-Szenarienzu erinnern, echt gruselig..Da fällt mir natürlich unweigerlich eure gut gemachte CANALTERROR-Coverversion ein. Was sagst du wenn ich nach Deutschpunk und Hamburg frage?

Phil: Hamburg hat viele gute deutschsprachige Punk Bands, vom typischen Deutschpunk der 80er-90er kann man dabei aber nicht unbedingt reden.Durch die Vielzahl der Bands und deren verschiedenen Stile und Einflüße wird es zum Glück auch selten langweilig auf Konzerte zu gehen…wenn denn wieder regelmäßig Konzerte stattfinden können.

BLZ: Das ist wahr.. Wie erleben 1323 diese Zeit im Virus?

Phil:Tja, da Andi eigendlich für ein Jahr lang durch die Welt bummeln wollte, hatten wir eine kleine Tour geplant, bevor wir dann pausiert hätten…wird auf jeden Fall nach geholt.So haben wir die Zeit mit Ideensammeln für neue Songs verbracht. Außerdem spielt jeder von uns noch in einer anderen Band, die natürlich auch Aufmerksamkeit brauchen.

BLZ: Welches sind eure anderen Bands?

Phil: Steffen spielt auch den Bass bei „KV12“,Andi sitzt bei „Überwachungsmodul“ hinter dem Schlagzeug und ich bin bei „KLEYMO“ am Bass.

BLZ:Welche Bands waren für dich prägend und gab es sowas wie einen
„Funkenübersprung“ für dich zum Punk?

Phil: Ich habe früher viel die Ärzte gehört und mag deren Texte auch immer noch.
Mit Slime, Hass, A+P und Chaosz ging es dann weiter, aber einen richtigen „Funkenübersprung“ zum Punk gab es als ich zum erstmal die „nichts gewonnen, nichts verloren“ Platte von Schleim Keim hörte, das war für mich neu, es war roh, es war schnell und hat mich richtig gegriffen…
Irgendwann haben mich die alten Misfits scheiben geflasht, was mich auch offener gegenüber englischsprachigen Bands gemacht hat (ich konnte zu der zeit kaum ein Wort Englisch)
Also wenn mich Bands geprägt haben, sind es tatsächlich
Schleim Keim und the Misfits, später dazu Choking Victim und the stupid stupid henchmen.

BLZ: Gibt es an aktuellen Bands welche die dich überrascht haben?Hast du einen Favoriten Tonträger 2020?

Phil: Oh, ich muß gestehen das ich dieses Jahr sehr sehr faul war und mir noch keine Neuerscheinung angeschafft habe…ist mir ja ein bisschen unangenehm. Im Auge habe ich aber die neue Loser Youth Platte „warum haust du dich selbst?“

BLZ: Faulheit ist ein Menschenrecht und geht somit klar! Zum Ausklingen würde ich dir jetzt, unglaublich lusig, ein paar Schlagworte geben und du beantwortest die mit 1 bis 3 Worten….. Als erstes: Krawallbrüder

Phil: Sind Scheiße

BLZ: Atilla Hildmann

Phil: Boar, einen ausfürlichen Kommentar zu dem würde mich auf sein niveau runter ziehen…also kurz und knapp, scheiß Faschisten.

BLZ: Astra oder Holsten?

Phil: Astra

BLZ: Nu denn.Ich danke dir fürs Antworten und lasse dir die letzten Worte..…

Phil: Bleibt stark, gesund und radikal

BLZ: Soweit zum öffentlichen Teil.Den Rest tauschen wir dann in Chatgruppen diverser Polizeireviere aus, da kann ja eher mal rausgehauen werden was mensch so denkt……


our personal tribute to LÄRM…..

if you have seen our label at the DANCE ON YOUR GRAVE vinyl:it`s a homage.oldschool dutch LÄRM, one of our personal hardcore acts ever.up-to-it!


Noise Against Cop Culture

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a small talk with Calvin from Malaysia

Blzkw:Hey Calvin, can you tell something about you?

Calvin:Hello I’m Calvin, playing guitar for Dance On Your Grave (DOYG), well 1/4 of DOYG.

Blzkw:But DOYG is not your only musical activity….

Calvin:Well I do play in Sawtorture, a powerviolence band called BADxPIT. Now currently working on a new project band with my friend from Brisbane called GHVL

Blzkw:You released „Carry Your Own Crosses“ with Sawtorture, this is a fat recording! What can you tell about Sawtorture?

Calvin:Well Sawtorture is a melodic hardcore band, if that what people called it nowadays. Bunch of old men wanted to play heavy loud music. Haha. It was an awesome yet interesting musical project. And it was self recorded by our own guitarist Karlos. Very talented uncle.

Blzkw:And what`s the history of DANCE ON YOUR GRAVE?

Calvin:Dance On Your Grave started back in 2009. Released a demo back in 2010, released an EP in 2012 and finally a full length in 2020. I know it’s slow but better late than never.

Dance On Your Grave is a hardcore punk / powerviolence-ish band. Jane is on the vocals, I’m on guitars, Lawrence is on bass and Andrew is on drums.

Blzkw:When we met at Sick1Fast!Loud! in Kuching, it seemed to be in a familiar atmosphere.How would you describe the hardcore-scene in Malaysia?

Calvin:To me hardcore music scene in Malaysia in general is a colourful scene. Kids from different places, races and gender came along together just fine. From the place that I grew on like Kuching, the scene is awesome. Everyone are friends and families. Everybody get along just fine. Though it’s not that big as Kuala Lumpur or other Peninsula cities, we are doing great. Healthy hardcore music scene.

Blzkw:Has punk/hardcore to fight with political oppression or other problems like racism?

Calvin:Yeah we do use punk/hardcore to fight political oppression here. Well most of our ethics here using our art as weapon to counteract the political agenda, or the stigma problems like racism and fascism

Blzkw:How did you handle the corona times? hardcore survives the lockdown or do you have any victims cause of it?

Calvin:Corona (CoVid-19) sucks. This year has wasted away. No close relatives or friends were affected by it which is good but there will be no more shows as for this year. So far we’re be writing some new songs which is awesome. It’s like Mogwai, “Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will.”

Blzkw:In Europe we have the situation that clubs,venues can loose their existence because they are closed.Calvin, as last words let us know your favourite names of malaysian/asian artists,institutions,labels or whatever you prefer.…

Calvin:Wow this is a though choice. Okay let see. My personal favourite Malaysian artist will be Sheila Majid, awesome jazz singer / artist. My favourite Malaysian band will be PIRI REIS. Awesome band, beautiful peoples. Give them a listen. It will worth your time.

Blzkw:ok, so thanx for your words and have a good time!!

Calvin:You too! Cheers! See you soon!


we wait for Bolzkow #017

and will put out a musical inferno: COVIDTERROR from Bremen/Germany meet up DEATH TO ALL POLITICIAN from Malaysia.oldschool noisecore rules! https://www.facebook.com/414020215833996/videos/2011039919020167/


Ever heard the fabulous KNÜR???

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